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Department Staff

Doctor LAU Ying Kit               
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor


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  • Liaison psychiatry


  • “Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) sourse”, Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, UK
  • Visiting Fellow to the Avery D. Weissman Psychiatric Consultation Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • Visiting Fellow to the Early Psychosis Prevention & Intervention Centre (EPPIC), University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Adult Psychiatric Team, Stone House Hospital, Dartford, Kent, UK
  • Psychiatric Team, Sutton Hospital, Sutton Surrey, UK
  • Community Mental Health Team, Cossham Hospital, Bristol, UK


  1. Lau DYK, Pang AHT. Caregiving experience for Chinese caregivers of persons suffering from severe mental disorders. Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, 17(3), 75-80.

  2. Lau DYK, Pang AHT. Validation of the Chinese Version of Experience of Caregiving Inventory in Caregivers of Persons Suffering from Severe Mental Disorders. Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry. 2007;17(1):24-31.

  3. Poster presentation at the XVIII World Congress of the World Association for Social Psychiatry.

  4. Paper Presentation of Part III Dissertation in the AGM of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists.

  5. Paper presentation in the seminar of the Hong Kong Schizophrenia Research Society - The Burden of Care (a local perspective).

  6. The Caregiving Experience of Relatives of Chinese Patients with Severe Psychiatric Illness in Hong Kong (Part III Dissertation, The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrist).

  7. Paper presentation of survey of psychiatric consultations to patients with suicidal attempts.

  8. Survey of psychiatric consultations in AHNH to patients with sucidal attempts.