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Dr Lai Hei Ming has been awarded the Faculty Innovation Award

Dr Lai Hei Ming has been awarded the Faculty Innovation Award

Dr Lai Hei Ming, the clinical lecturer from the Department of Psychiatry, CUHK, has been awarded the Faculty Innovation Award, Scheme B (for lecturers). He will utilize the awarded HKD 750,000 for the development of efficient and practical Next Generation Histology technology, a three-dimensional tissue imaging technology with diverse applications from biomedical research to clinical applications in tissue diagnostics when matured. Dr Lai was very honoured and grateful for being selected by the Medicine Panel. He would also like to express his sincere gratitude towards his supervisors Prof Wing Yun Kwok, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, and Prof Ko Ho, Assistant Professor from the Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, for their kind support and guidance in his research.

FIA illustrated astrocyte
Next Generation Histology can turn fresh and old tissues transparent and imaged them in three-dimensions (3D).
Here a 1mm-thick human cingulate cortex archived for 50 years was turned transparent (left picture), imaged in 3D after astrocytes were labelled with antibodies against GFAP. The white boxed astrocyte was magnified and extracted in the middle and right picture, where detailed morphological features can be examined such as Sholl analysis parameters (middle picture) and 3D trajectories of each arborizations (right picture).

NGH v1 circle 00000
The prototypic Next Generation Histology pipeline to be further optimized and refined in the FIA project.