Mr Li Chiu Kwong
Mrs. Li Chen Cixiang
Mr Li Yiu Kwong
Together with his late parents, Mr and Mrs Li Chiu Kwong, Mr Li Yiu Kwong has pledged a HK$5 million donation to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Sleep Assessment Unit for the support of sleep medicine research.

Mr and Mrs Li Chiu Kwong, was originated from Chaozhou, Shantou who subsequently relocated to Hong Kong in his early stage of career. He is a self-made man and first developed a four-Chinese character trademark name as ” 香發渭記 “. His import and export trading businesses covered all around the globe from Southeast Asia to South Africa.

Mrs Li was a charismatic lady who had tendered unreserved love and care to the Li family, and particularly in raising and nurturing her children tirelessly.

Mr Li Yiu Kwong, he was diligent and courteous. He studied architecture in the UK in 1958. Mr Li, a renowned businessman, while running a successful business, had a vision to enhance the well-being of the public. His donation and contribution in medical research will further enhance the medical technology in order to nurture our young talents.

‘Li Chiu Kwong Family Sleep Assessment Unit’ was founded to commemorate the love and care from his parents Mr and Mrs Li Chiu Kwong.