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Undergraduate Teaching

The Department is strongly committed to both undergraduate medical education and postgraduate training. The main form of our undergraduate curriculum is the Psychiatric Clerkship in Year 5 within the context of the integrated medical curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK. The Department pursues three major aims in the Psychiatry Clerkship: (i) to equip students with essential skills and basic principles for diagnosing and treating major psychiatric disorders of public health concern; (ii) to familiarize students with the structure and functions of mental health services in Hong Kong, and (iii) to cultivate a psychiatric perspective in medical practice. The orientation is to train our students to be psychologically sensitive and competent doctors, regardless of their chosen specialties.
Our graduates have displayed in building good doctor-patient relationship and are capable of providing holistic care to their patients. Our psychiatric internship programme has repeatedly been ranked by interns to be the best among all placements in Hong Kong. Many of our brightest CUHK graduates have chosen psychiatry as their career.